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Why Sensible Tub

Why Sensible Tub

Concerned  that you or a loved one may fall getting in or out of the bath tub?  Stepping over the wall can become more difficult as we age. Health  conditions such as arthritis, joint pain and lack of flexibility can  also affect how easily you can maneuver this daily obstacle. At Sensible  Tub we provide simple, effective, and affordable bathtub to shower  conversions.

Over  11 million seniors are involved in slip-fall accidents every year.  Seventy percent of these incidents happen in the home with over half (59  percent) occurring in the bathroom. Unfortunately, a full one third of  all victims with a broken bone will never return home.

Sensible  Tub provides a safer entry into the tub by removing a section of the  side wall. Once our Sensible Tub insert is installed your tub will now  provide you with a step up height of only 6 – 8 inches in most cases  helping to prevent fall in the bathroom. The actual height is determined  by the tub design. Our service improves the safety in your home in a  timely manner at an affordable price compared to a bath remodel. Our  products are normally installed in a matter of hours not days.


Why Sensible Tub

Sensible Tub Provides Peace of Mind

Sensible Tub’s unique modification of your existing bathtub provides a safe easy step-in shower at a much lower cost than removing the bath tub and installing a shower stall.  We simply remove a portion of your bathtubs side wall and place an insert over the sidewall providing an easy access to your bathtub. With this modification you normally have a 6-8-inch step into the tub providing a peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Do not be a part of those that fall in the bath room that do not return home. Call us today at 930-315-0255 or fill out the form below and we will get back with you. (The height of the step in is determined by the design of the bath tub.)



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