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Our Tub to Shower Conversion

$ensible Tub helps to prevent falls in the bathroom!
Our conversion provides a safer entry into the tub by creating a step-in  shower with no costly renovations, saving time and money.

We cut a section out of your bathtub wall that is normally from 14 –  16 inches in height and custom fit our insert into your bathtub. After  the insert is in place, the step averages from 6 – 8 inches in height  and completed in hours, saving time and money! Resulting in little  inconvenience to you.

The conversion process will convert practically any existing
Cast Iron, Steel, and Fiberglass tub to a step-in shower.

Need Safety/Grab Bars remember a towel bar is not a grab bar.
Call us before You fall.

When we leave your bathroom is as clean as it was when we arrived.